People pursue hobbies for many reason but mainly for fun. Hobbies are relaxing and offer a change from daily routines and collecting is enjoyable and a satisfactory part of their life. It may even bring back memories of places or people that mean the most to them. A collection is a group of things gathered or collected. A person is a collector when they brings items together into a group.

Have you found yourself to have accumulated items only to find that as time has gone by you are ready to dispose of them? Maybe you are in charge of cleaning out someone else's stuff. So now you are faced with what to do with it. Children, spouses and families often find themselves in this position after a loved one has passed away.

If it is time to clean out your accumulations and perhaps those that a relative had that you just don't know what to do with, then may we suggest you donate it to the World Pet Organization. We would appreciate receiving it and it would be an opportunity for the collection to inspire those who view them.

A part of our mission is to loan items to public venues for display for the enjoyment of others. The items we receive may be added to similar items we already have. When duplicates are on hand or the items received do not fit our loan display goals we reserve the option to sell or trade the items.

IRS compliant deduction receipts can be provided for any donation.
Fishing Lures Keys & Locks Sports Memorabilia
Fishing Tackle Boxes Fishing Reels & Poles
Bank Notes Coins Native American Items
Costume Jewelry Lighters Old Tobacco Items
Real Jewelry Stamps Saddles & Tack
Baseball Card Old Bottles Collector Liquor Bottles
Business Cards Spoons Antiques Of All Types
Toy Trains Cameras Antique Store Items
Toy Cars & Trucks Knives Antique Store Fixtures
Matchbox Toys Games One-to-One Furnishings
Die-cast Toys Gaming Dolls Of All Sizes
Lunch Boxes Cameras Doll Dress Patterns
Comic Books Clocks Doll Clothes
Collector Books Coasters Doll Houses & Toys
Candlesticks Swords Barbie Dolls & Clothes
Key Chains Thimbles Christmas Ornaments
Teddy Bears Buttons Salt & Pepper Shakers
Fountain Pens LEGO Rocks, Fossils, Minerals
Yardsticks Souvenirs Old Tin Cans
Erector Sets Arrowheads Miniature Figures
Scale Models Watches Live Steam Models
Railroad Items Corkscrews Backyard Railroads
Model Aircraft Marbles Glass Insulators
Military Models Razors License Plates
Model Ships Disney Sea Shells
Model Cars Tools Rock Collections
Paperweights Telegraphs Animation Art
Sea Shells Telephones Pencil Sharpeners
Bottle Caps Bells Writing Instruments
Sleigh Bells Paintings Route 66 Items
Snow Globes Sculpture Advertising Stuff
Autographs Guns Space Memorabilia
Slot Machines Flags Celebrity Memorabilia
Sheet Music Old Jars Phonograph Records
Pens & Pencils Bibles Railroad Memorabilia
Cigar Boxes Maps Airline Memorabilia
Coffee Items Telescopes Military Memorabilia
Tea Items Binoculars American Indian Rugs
Hot Wheels DVDs American Indian Pottery
Gorgi Die-cast Videos American Indian Jewelry
Sewing Items Quilts Old West Collectibles
Clown Items Santas Cast Iron Banks
Wooden Nickles Elves Adv. Thermometers
Picture Frames Plates Insect Collections

Crystal Balls

Vases Butterfly Collections
Beer Items Pottery Old Radios & TVs
Pepsi Items Figurines Famous Peoples Hair
Coca Cola Items Insulators Old Cooking Items
Pedal Cars Compasses Old Wooden Toys
Girls Toys Surveying GI Joe and GI Jane
Big Boy Toys Pinballs Star Wars Toys
Famous Photos Juke Boxes Toy Construction Toys
Danbury Mint Games Toy Farm Toys
Franklin Mint Statuary Famous Photos
We Accept Antique and Collectable - Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, Airplanes and more.
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Donation Guidelines & Requirements
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We transfer all donations to another facility for sorting and storage.

Donating collectible objects to appropriate qualified organizations such as World Pet Organization may provide your with possible benefits such as:

An immediate income tax deduction
Avoidance of the tax on capital gains on appreciated assets
An estate and gift tax deduction

You generally will receive a higher income tax deduction if you donate a collection that has appreciated in value over the time you have owned it.

World Pet Organization Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit public charity organization for the support of pets of all types, in all areas of the world. Contributions to our organization are tax deductible under section 170 of the Federal Income Tax laws.

We are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers, gifts and cash by check or credit card under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code. Our United States Federal Tax ID Number is 26-3624765.

IRS compliant deduction receipts can be provided for any donation.
Together we can change the lives of the abused,
battered, homeless, hungry, ill and less fortunate pets.
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